part 42

Subj:    I love you

From:   BoPeep

To:       MackAttack

Date: 3/22 11:17 p.m.


Awww, you are so sweet. Bo just forwarded me the mail that you sent to her. You are such a sweet guy sometimes. I think you are the only man I’ve really loved.   I love you, Mack.

I’m getting all groggy from the sleeping pill, and feel really warm and fuzzy….sort of like that time we had too much champagne, remember?

I wouldn’t mind snuggling with your right now. Remember we tried to boink but first you couldn’t figure out where “the hole” was then you’d go limp, so I’d blow you, then we’d try again…and were laughing so hard that I peed in bed! Oh my god. That was so funny. All of it. But we were so drunk we just laid in the wet spot and giggled. Gosh. It’s been so long since I’ve just let myself enjoy someone’s company and all that. These little pills are so cool. I can’t believe they gave me 100 of them. Whoo hoo. Life is good.

Mack, I love you.



Subject: Hooray!!!

From: MackAttack

To: BoPeep

Date: 3/28   2:15 a.m.


Thank God you’re out of that place! I don’t believe in psychiatry and I can see it only messed with you more with another trick to get you into it. But I’m glad you’re out and you sound upbeat.

Nothing like getting freedom back once they take it from you, right?

Bo sounds terse. What a difference when I read your emails. You have music. Bo doesn’t.

This may be a terrible time to tell you, but Jerger’s entire organization is investigating your family, well, your brother. I told him I wanted to tell you and he said fine. It’s all above board. In fact, he wants you to know because it’s your right as an American. Diana is back in the small library on a secure line with Mr. Jerger right now. I thought she was pissed at me but she said this was all just playing out as it must. I’m sure it is nothing to worry about, so don’t.

Ugh. So much for the days of idyll.

At least for now, they didn’t last long. I know for a fact you don’t know anything about what V is doing, and my only other source is Larry and no one knows what to believe if he says it. And he’s back to talking crazy things about becoming a mercenary get training in how to blow up government buildings.

I wish you had come here to the Persephone instead of go to the hospital. What difference would it make if I got you falling down drunk on Wild Turkey or if they shot you up with drugs? Same effect except you would wake up on a luxury yacht with servants and no orderlies trying to feel you up.

Oh, shit, kiddo! It really did shake me that you were in such a bad place. Emotionally, that is. I figured Bo would tell you what I wrote. Please, now, you have my new number here. Don’t hesitate to call . okay?

I love you, too, sweetie.





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