part 35

Subject: Whooo hoooooooooo!

From: BoPeep

To: MackAttack

Date: 12/08  3:15 a.m.


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!

I have over $40 thousand dollars in the bank!

I don’t think I understood what Daddy was saying until I saw the little piece of paper and heard the banker say the words.   OH MY GOD. YIPPEEE.

I almost fainted. I almost pee-ed my pants. Dad and the banker guy told me that it had been significantly increased by Dad’s good investments. Dad said that I could pay off any credit cards I had, any debt. I told him I was 8 car payments short of paying the car off, and that the only debt I had was this trip on my credit card. Dad was shocked. The banker ran a credit report and it showed the same thing.

Dad couldn’t believe it. He said “Aimee, how can you have no debt?” I told him that I didn’t like writing checks and paying bills and that it made me too worried when I had it hanging over my head. Dad just beamed. He said that he was so proud of me. He and the banker guy are going to let me have a chunk of the money to invest on my own, and the rest will stay with them, and Dad will manage it for me. I did tell Dad that I wanted half of it in Zero Coupon Bonds, because from what I’ve read it was safe and secure. Dad just smiled more.

The banker thought it was funny for someone so young that I was so conservative. But, they agreed on the division of the money. So, I’ve got TEN thousand dollars to invest on my own. Mack, this means that I could even almost buy a house, or a condo or something. Wow. So cool. Anyway, after that I decided to go shopping. I’ve never had a shopping spree where I could just buy anything I wanted. So, that’s what I did. I didn’t find that much. I mean, I guess when I know I can do it anytime I want, it’s not like it’s that big a treat. I did buy some earrings and two sweaters, and a purse, and a skirt and a bunch of tights. So, I’m happy.

V didn’t come back by dinner, so I ate alone in the room then I took a cab around to all these night spots that the concierge listed for me. Some of them were really old fuddy duddy clubs. You know, with a piano bar. Not really my idea of fun. But, one place was a male strip club. How fun! I felt funny being alone there, but I ended up talking to a bunch of women who were from the area and there for a bachelorette party.

They invited me to hang with them. We had so much fun. The guys would come out and dance around to music and then they’d strip to these little g string undies. How fun! So this one guy came over to the table during his “routine” and handed me a feather and wrapped around the feather was his phone number. The girls all teased me about it. The feather is big. I think it’s like an emu feather. So, then when the girls were all putting dollar bills in his g string, he bent over me and said, “after the show, stay for a few minutes”.

The other girls just laughed and teased me more. They said that they’d heard about him, and he wanted to give me more than a feather! He wasn’t the cutest guy, though. There was this other guy who was blonde and a knockout. He came on stage in roller-skates and rolled around…and stripped…..all his clothes ripped off. Was so cool. I would have died if he had been the one to come up to me. I mean, I’ve never seen such a great looking guy with such a great body in my life. I was sweating just looking at him. But, I wasn’t the only one. You should have heard the girls. They were hooting and hollering like a bunch of sailors. I thought that was so funny. When the guy came over to get money put in his underwear, I gave him a five, and put it right where the butt crack is. One of the other girls gave him a huge whack on the butt just as I did that. He turned around and I thought I was going to die. I just looked at him with these big eyes and he started laughing and he gave me a big kiss. Oh My God!

So, yeah, after the show I waited for a few minutes. The girls were having a few drinks and talking about some dance club. And, can you believe it the clubs stay open until 4 am. Then, there are after hours, breakfast clubs, that you can keep dancing until dawn. I was a little tired, but decided to hang with them. The stripper came out and they invited him to come with us. So he did!

Jonathan is really cool. He just strips at night, but during the day he has a car garage, a repair shop. He collects old cars and has about 30. He mostly likes those muscle cars, and he loves convertibles. He was blown away that I wasn’t from the area. All night he kept begging me “come live here, move to here”. He is a really great dancer. He is really tall and really strong. I think his southern accent is just so cute. He’s not from that area, but from one of the other states….deeper south is what he told me. I don’t know the layout of the states, you know that about me. I mean, I never really had geography that I can remember. So, we danced and talked until the sun came up.

The girls all gave me their numbers and the bride to be even invited me to the wedding. Two of the girls said that they’d call me later and they’d show me the good places to shop. I’m pretty tired right now, but I think after a few hours of sleep I could do it. Jonathan drove me to the hotel.

He had the coolest car. It was a Starfire convertible. I don’t know anything about cars, but this was so cool. Everything inside was chrome, and matched. The outside was a two tone paint, and the seats were two tone, too. It was so 60’s and so cool. He asked me over and over to come to his house, but I told him that I had to get back or my brother would freak out. So, he kissed me for a long time in front of the hotel and then said he’d call me. I got to the hotel room and V still wasn’t there. I was so pissed off.

I mean, if I’d known that I would have invited Jonathan up, or even gone to his house. I mean, damn! I don’t know where V is, but he left a message that his flight was delayed and he decided to finish some other business so he’d be back sometime tomorrow.

Only three more days and I head back home. It’s been a wild vacation. Hope all is well with you. Please keep care of yourself, Mack. I am even more worried about where you work after the stuff that Daddy said.




Subject: whoo hoo to you too!

From: MackAttack

To: BoPeep

Date: 12/10 2:15 a.m.

Dear Aimee,

Stay away from “those people,” huh? That’s what they are telling you? I am “those people” now. Among the lucky ones. And I’m looking for ways to be even more involved. I love it. I feel like I died out of my old life and am reborn here. What does it? Trust.

Who made money off all the mutilations that have gone on in your life? It’s good to hear you are finally raking off some profit from it. $40 K. Great!

I would agree with your father that you shouldn’t be involved here with the Jergers. They would wonder what you do, how you could enhance them, what you are worth. I don’t know if I told you about all the people over the years who said I was an idiot for sticking with an art that didn’t pay anything. Yesterday, I got a call from Mr. Jerger himself. He was laughing his butt off because of a couple of his associates think they’ve got to hire their own “court musicians” now. He is enhanced from having started a fashion. Seems my idea of the Renaissance kings triggered something. A bank account with $85 K has been opened in name as a retainer. Let the landlord take everything in my apartment. I’ve abandoned the old life.

I feel effective for the first time. But I am in a big funk, too from time to time. Wavers, you know, as I gaze into my navel, and I don’t want to bore you with that. Never more useful, and never more useless. I can sit here for hours doing nothing but pondering things. I think of how you rush into action and get involved with strangers you’ve only just met. When I try to dream the big romance we never had, it is blocked by this sense of rush to new people and new actions, never allowing anything to deepen and develop.

I believe everything you tell me, Aimee, but I believe you get lied to and you simply believe everything. You don’t have to hate the human race in order to be wary of it. Over and over, you tell me to not trust the Jergers. What would you do? If you could trust that it’s okay to get used as a party favor, you would be all right here. It is all right for me to get used as I am getting used.

Diana and I do talk about how we are starting to feel for one another, but she stops and says she thinks about you. About how it’s not fair to you, Aimee. She really is decent when you get to know her (and to think of how everyone used to simply hate her ). She said she wouldn’t mind sharing me with you, but doesn’t believe you’d like it. Wonders how I feel about you always running around with different guys, hot bod strippers, etc. She makes me think.

We were on the verge of exchanging some pretty strong words of affection in a chowder house up the coast. Driving back down in the Mercedes, I asked if she had ever seen her mother blow a dog in a trailer. I guess I’m glad she didn’t hear (the top was down and the CD was on). We are rich but don’t control it so we could never get used to it. We could always be like lucky kids who found a backdoor into a theater or toy store, and get away with it. Appreciate it all the more. Earn it or steal it, just don’t have it given to you.




Subj:    hi

From: BoPeep

To:       MackAttack

Date: 12/10 3:31 p.m.

Dear Mack,

I don’t know what to think about having you “shared”.   It’s not like that, is it? I mean, we’re just friends, right?   Where does she get the idea that you and I are some sort of item? I don’t get it Mack, have you said something to make her think that there IS more? Is there more, Mack? Is there?   You make me wonder now. I thought I had a handle on “us”, and pretty much resigned myself to just seeing us as friends, but this just blows my mind.   Mack….what are your feelings for me?

V still hasn’t returned. He left me a few messages on the hotel system. Seems he’s more involved in whatever business than he realized he’d be. I don’t know what it’s about, but Dad says that V is in pretty deep and needs to get his bearings. I wish I knew what that was all about. I feel stupid asking, because it’s like I’m supposed to know.

I called the girls from the bachelorette party and we went out again. We had a blast. Went dancing. This is really a party town. Beuhla is the best. She’s this big blonde bombshell type. Total southern belle. She is a kick to hang with. I mean….she just goes right up to a guy and says “Honey, you are melting me.” And, then walks away from him. The guys always run after her and strike up a conversation. She compliments them with every sentence out of her mouth in this thick, thick accent. She’s from North Carolina and says that the reason she’s in Georgia is because the men are much better looking. There are some really great looking guys, I have to admit.

I never heard from the stripper again. Beuhla says that it’s because I didn’t sleep with him the first night, and he probably figures I’m too much work. She says I made a good choice, though, because she’s heard that he’s hung like a hamster. I have to laugh, because she’s just so colorful. Totally fragile femme with the men, and tough as acrylic nails behind their backs. She has total Dolly Parton hair, and she has huge boobs, really curvy and she’s about six foot, at least that with heels. She looks like a total unapproachable woman, but she’s totally sweet and funny and charming. Her friend, Delta (short for Delta-Dawn, her parents were hippies) is an earth momma type. Sort of overweight, long stringy hair, big laugh, and these bright eyes. She has the best sense of humor of anyone I’ve ever met. And, then there’s Kimba who’s almost exactly a Marilyn Monroe. She really petite. Maybe 5’3″ at the most. She looks like a little barbie doll. Totally breathless pouty voice, this unbelievable body that she squeezes into these skin tight dresses. She’s actually pretty dense when it comes to humor. When she laughs its this high pitched giggle and she makes these snort noises. Good thing she doesn’t laugh a lot…people turn around and LOOK when she gets into one of her laughing fits. Kimba has a real problem with drinking, though. Delta monitors it, and will tell a bartender to “cut her off” or cut the booze level to just a float of it when Kimba starts to get woozy. I guess that Delta has had to carry her home a few times, so they have this deal. And, then there’s Lolita. My goodness, I’ve never MET a Lolita before. She is totally “over it” with the young prostitute thing. She’s this businesslike brunette who reminds me of Martha in the way she talks. Pretty gruff and critical. I’d pretty much figured that she was gay because she just totally told off every guy who wanted to do anything other than dance. She’s really conservative and dresses more like an old librarian than her age. But, she can really dance up a storm.

So, we all went out…the five of us. We went to six dance clubs in one night. The last one was this black dance club. Seems that is Lolita ONLY dates black guys. And, after a whole night of her telling guys to get lost, suddenly she was the belle of the ball. Her hair went down and her shirt became unbuttoned…so show some cleavage and she just became a wild woman. She ended up leaving with this really great looking black guy….total G.Q. Kimba, Delta and Beuhla said that Lolita is always doing that. It’s her M.O. They wanted to go to, yet another, place, but I was too tired. I ended up taking a cab home.

Only one more day here. Then, I fly home. V left me a message that he doesn’t know if he’ll be back, yet, so I’m to pack his clothes and leave his stuff at the bell desk. He’s arranged that, in the event he can’t get back in time. I totally freaked tonight when I realized that he has the air tickets. I mean, geez, how am I do get home without that? I don’t have any way to call him, or get hold of him because I don’t know where he is. I called Dad in the middle of the night. He said that if V doesn’t come back with the ticket I can go to the airport and show them ID and fill out a lost ticket form and fly home, anyway. He said the worst that would happen is that I’d have to buy a one way, and they’d give me the money back later. Dad was really nice. I didn’t know who else to call and I know I woke him up because it’s 3 in the morning. But, now I can sleep.

I’m going to go to the museums tomorrow with Delta and her little girl. That should be fun. If it’s nice (it’s been thunderstorms) we’ll go to the Zoo, too. I’m excited. I love that stuff.

Mack, I’ve never been put up on a pedestal by a man’s great love. I only wanted to be YOUR great love, and thought I was at one time. Now, I seem to just be an after thought, and an aside with most men. I mean, Mack, I’m not anyone’s great love. I don’t know what it would be like. It’s just how life is for me. I’ll probably be single for my whole life. I mean, I don’t have anything special to offer. Look at Beuhla who’s so confident, and Lolita who goes home with men all the time, men who are wild about her, and look at Dawn who seems totally at ease being a single mom, and look at Kimba who’s just the boy-magnet. I don’t have anything to offer.

I’m plain. I mean, the only one who’s crazy about me is Bo, and I’m not comfortable being bisexual. Mack, I’ve come to think that I’m just like you — destined to be wild, crazy about people who could care less about us, use us, and toss us

without a thought.




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