part 12

To: Mack Attack

From: bopeep

Date: 12/14 11:19p.m.

Hey Gooberbutt,

It’s been so much fun talking on the phone with you. I don’t know where you’ve been tonight, but I want to ask you if you’ll go to a work Christmas Party with me. I know, how lame. But, it’s this Sunday, the 16th. I really, really really would like you to come. You’d like it. It’s sort of a Christmas party and watching the Nutcracker. I don’t know of anyone who’d enjoy watching the Mouse King, and a wooden toy battle it out more than you. Come on, it will be fun.

Please? For old times sake? Pretty please?

Love, ME!


Subject: <sigh>

To: MackAttack

From: bopeep

Date: 12/22 10:15 a.m.

Dearest, darling, wonderful, sweet Mack,

You are so wonderful. I’m so glad you called last night. I didn’t know how much my body missed you. (It misses you now. I wish you didn’t have to work!) missed

It was like we’ve never been apart. I mean, you haven’t lost your touch – with ANY of your pointing devices (teehee!). It was so nice to hear your voice, and you look so good. You’ve really matured.

I haven’t had my head petted like that in so long (heaven, I was in heaven….). I can’t believe that all we were going to do was get a drink and we ended up at my apartment. You are still the fast mover, just like old times, huh?

But you are totally right. We shouldn’t rush into anything. It was just a sweet interlude, and I shouldn’t read anything at all into it. I understand your concerns about that, and I agree totally. I think that we should work on the friendship, first, and get to know each other, and slowly move forward. It is the wisest thing. (See, I DO listen, occasionally.)

Thank you Mack. It was so much fun to see you, and even though I didn’t mean to be a cheap tumble, it sure was thrilling.

I wish I hadn’t already planned the ski trip (and paid for it) or we could have spent the Christmas week together. But, it’s too late for me to change plans now (and I know how much you HATE skiing and snow, or I’d ask you to come along). See you for the new year!

Love Aimee

p.s. I left your gift under the sink in the bathroom. Merry Xmas, sweets. It’s not much, just something I thought you’d like. Oh, and PROMISE ME… we’ll celebrate the end of this wretched year together. Promise?

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