part 6

Subject: what bug crawled up your ass?

To: MackAttack

From: BoPeep

Date: 08/03 10:09a.m. PDT


You always DID have a huge self-pity pot, but I thought yours was a VAT. Damn, Mack, why must you forever be such a drama-boy? You dumped me. You started fucking around with the D girl and didn’t bother to tell me. Remember? You did me wrong, or doesn’t your memory serve you. No, it wasn’t because you were a guy, but because you weren’t very nice about the whole thing. I can’t believe you tried to unload that bucket of crap on me. Oh poor little Mack, no one understands poor “weettle” him.

Grow up! Get over yourself.


Subject: Hellooooooo? Is Mack out there somewhere?

To: MackAttack

From: BoPeep

Date: 09/13  10:09a.m.

Mack, where have you been? Are you okay? What happened. I thought you were just taking a few days to “be mad” but then the days turned into weeks, and a month has passed, already.

Are you okay?

A lot of things have been going on in my life. I don’t know if I should even tell you. You’ll make fun of me, as always. But, in the name of friendship I’ll tell you. (Here’s a thought: Maybe I can set a good example on how to be one?) My Mom just got married. They flew to Vegas and I guess it’s number 8 or number 9? Hell, maybe it’s higher than that. I don’t know. A lot of marriages. Anyway this is someone new. I haven’t met him, yet. I don’t even know his full name.

Anyway, I’ve got a second job now. I’m working at that Cowboy Pete’s place out on the highway. It’s nice there. I work with this fun crowd. Martha, someone I used to work with a long time ago, is the general manager. She called me out-of-the-blue and offered me a good shift pay and will work around my other job. So, it’s very cool. Especially since the bomber (my car) needs a new transmission, or will need it soon. Poor thing is just limping around town.

Davey showed back up. He had to go take care of his sick mother in Kansas. We’ve been seeing each other on-and-off, but I don’t think it’s really serious. I just think he’s fun and it’s nice to have someone around once in a while. He’s kinda weird, though.

Okay, I have to go. I thought you are in the book. I would have tried to call if you were. Send my your number. K? You keep care, sweetie.

Love, Aimee


Subject: Contrition

To: BoPeep

From: MackAttack

Date: 09/16  7:25p.m. PDT

Dear Aimee,

Sorry, sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have sent that PS (pissy-shit) in my last email. I regretted it. I keep going up and down, spinning my wheels. I’ve grown to look forward to hearing from you. But, your last email just slapped me hard. I couldn’t face you. I didn’t know what to say, and thought if I wrote you out of anger or frustration you’d have just said “enough of his stuff” and left me. I didn’t send any of the letters I kept writing. I didn’t want you to hate me.

Hate, hate hate. It seems to be the theme.

I hate the department store more than ever now that I’m alone and providing only for myself. Yes, I know it hurt you when I left, and I’m not a monster without conscience about that. Daphne listened to me, at least at first. You might say she pandered to my self-pity. Whatever, it worked. She seemed to really like my music, too, again at least at first.

I only feel beautiful when I’m making music because I’m not making words that piss people off and leave me feeling in trouble. God, I hate that feeling of being in trouble!

I won’t make fun of you if you tell me things. I can get pissed-off because I think you are too good for certain situations and people. I always admired your talent for drawing and painting, but couldn’t figure out why you didn’t take it as seriously as I took music. You could be here on earth to make things more beautiful, Aimee. It makes me mad you are a cocktail waitress . because I think you are too good for it.

Please, your mother, good God, I don’t know if I should remind you of things I remember. So I won’t. I don’t want to be in trouble with you. It never was “my place” to comment .. aw, shit.

I went back to Sharpe’s and they didn’t want me back. And the manager was a real slob about it, like he really wanted to push the arty boy down on his pants and laugh. It’s depressing, it sucks to not be good enough to get in with a musical crowd who appreciates my kind of music. I just can’t get over that hump. But I must keep trying. And now also not good enough for dives like Sharpe’s. They want someone who can play popular tunes by request and be chatty and singy and feel-up the barflies. They don’t want morose and intense.

Hey, don’t trust that guy. Something sounds fishy. Go with your gut. You hardly know him. Be careful.

Love you, Mack


Subject: Want to come out and meet me?

To: Mack Attack

From: BoPeep

Date: 9/18  8:10a.m. PDT

Hey, Mackster!

I have a rare night free. Want to meet me at Bozo’s Deli and get a bite to eat? Make it by 7pm and I’ll buy! IF I HAD YOUR NUMBER, I’d give you a call and invite you in person. K?

Love, Aimee


Subject: Re: Want to come out and meet me?

To: BoPeep

From: MackAttack

Date: 9/18  3:45p.m. PDT

Well, that’s the best thing I’ve heard in way too long. You bet I’ll be there, kiddo! I’ll wear something corny so you’ll know me (as if you wouldn’t). I still have my stupid checked-jacket.

See you soon,  love-ya, Mack


Subject: It’s a DATE

To: Mack Attack

From: BoPeep

Date: 9/18  4:10p.m. PDT

Mackie, Mackie, Mackie…..I can’t wait to see you. Let’s meet at 8:00 and have a hell of a date. Let’s pretend that no history has happened, that we’re both young and single, and are meeting for the first time. Let’s see what happens. <wink> I can’t wait to see you. (Hope I recognize you.)

Lovey, Jayzoo


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