part 30

Subject: Where’s my housewarming gift? I need a toaster

From: BoPeep

To: MackAttack

Date: 11/18       4:30p.m.

Dear Mack,

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I moved! Sort of impromptu, but necessary, and the perfect situation showed up. I had to jump. (And you say I can’t make decisions!)

I’m living over near the golf course in a really jazzy condo. I found this just two days ago and just decided. This is ME, Mack. totally me. I have my own bathroom, a little sitting room, and a pretty big bedroom with a sliding door out to a little private patio. It has a huge walk in closet. It’s more than I wanted to pay, but so cool. I mean, it’s like having an apartment inside an apartment. The roommate is this pretty cool guy, older, and he’s some sort of professional. He travels a lot so I won’t see him much. That’s why he wanted a roommate because he travels so much. He even lowered the price for me… I could afford it. Part of the deal is that I must walk his dog and keep care of it and the cat when he’s not home. The dog is this huge Great Dane. Fido (no, really) is well trained, which I good, because I think it almost outweighs me!

So, I moved. It was a weird thing. I mean the roommates didn’t say one word. I think they were expecting me to move any day, anyway. Martha and her little minion, Zoe helped, and Kev helped and Bo helped. They all thought the new place was super cool and nice. They each gave me a hanging plant for my patio. The patio is so nice. I’ve never had a “yard” before. Let’s see how green a thumb I have. Bo spent the first night here with me. Between the two of us we actually unpacked completely, and even put up the pictures. It looks like I’ve always lived here.

My roommate was gone for most of the move. He came back to meet Bo as she left in the morning. He said that as I have my own exit/entrance with the patio that he’d rather I would bring friends ONLY into my room that way. Keep them out of the rest of the place. Not a great way to start with a new roommate. He’s a hard one. It’s like there are NO rules, but then, you find out you’re screwing up, there are. Now, I’m kinda glad he wasn’t home when I moved in.

His stuff is really nice. He showed me his room, and it’s about ten times the size of my room. It was the biggest bedroom I’ve ever seen. His bathroom has a Jacuzzi tub and a huge shower and a sauna unit. Wow.

I’m thinking about looking for a new job. I mean, it’s just not as satisfying as I thought it would be, and I’m making more money waitressing three nights a week than I am for the whole week at my job. That just doesn’t make sense, does it? I finally almost have my car paid off. I have been making double and triple payments a months. I guess I just don’t want to be like my Mom.

Oh, yeah, the big trip is coming up fast. V is getting really weird about it. I mean, he wants to come over and pick my clothes for the trip. I told him, “No way, I can dress myself.” V hasn’t seen the new place, yet. I wonder what he’ll think of it.

I think you’d better stop calling that guy Jerger “stinking rich”. I mean, can’t you accept him for who he is? Just because people have money doesn’t mean you have to focus on that. Don’t you think it’s insulting to him? If he’s going to enjoy your talent, isn’t that a compliment? That’s what I didn’t like about Diana. She was always snickering and being catty about the guy. Like she was using him. I thought that was just sick. She is working for him, living off him, but there’s no respect for him. The two faced part of it was just wrong. Where’s the loyalty? I think that’s always bothered me.

I can see how you and Diana hit it off, you both have that negative quality that likes to put down people to try and make them feel insignificant. It’s really mean, Mack. And, it just makes you look like a pack of hyena’s waiting to chew on some rotting carrion. I mean, I’d be disappointed in you if you lose your higher aspirations. I mean, that’s what I’ve always looked up to. I liked that you weren’t like everyone else and that you had these lofty goals.

I think it’s good that you are playing the piano around people instead of locked in your apartment, but, don’t lose sight of who you are, Mack. It’s easy to do around those people. I mean, Diana puts on aires. Like she’s something really special. She lies to people about how she’s from some rich family and how she went to a really fancy boarding school. It’s not true.

Remember Dan Darling? He got caught up in that crowd, and I ran into him in a bar and he not only didn’t recognize me but he went on and on about how he was so tired of being a Rhodes Scholar and wanted to “hang it all up” and just become a peasant. He came on to me. Now, Mack, he was doing this totally stupid phony English accent and all. I could hardly look him straight in the eye without laughing. So I asked him “where’d you go to high school” and he told me he went to a private boarding school in the Alps. I couldn’t stand it. So I said “Danny Darling, you are a total liar!” His friends stopped talking, he was with a group of men. They stood and stared at me while I told him off. “Danny, there is no fucking way that you went to the Alps, you were in Mr.Higgins home room, just like I was. You’re Mother still lives in the same apartment that she’s always lived in. Your sister got pregnant in high school and gave birth to a little boy with Downs Syndrome. Your brother is still in the Army. You can fool your friends, but you can’t bullshit me.” He turned stark white and turned to see his friends laughing. He said, “Who are you?” I said, “You really don’t know me? You used to call me Chicken Butt.” He hissed at me, “Aimee? You bitch.” And he ran out of the place. RAN. I don’t mean walked, but ran. His friends hung around for a while, and left me a huge tip. I haven’t heard from him since, or seen him.

But it’s that kind of phony stuff that makes me so mad.

Just don’t get caught up in it, Mack. Okay? I care about you too much.

Love, Aimee



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