part 28

Subject: p.s. a solution to your problem

From MackAttack

To: Bo Peep

Date: 10/30       4:00p.m.

Dear Aimee,

I’ve been thinking things over. I wouldn’t think that NOW is the right time for me to hold you. Not that it’s not something that I don’t enjoy, mind you.

Diana laughs about you and your dilemma. And says what you need is a scene. You know, to live-out some fantasies. You know that you’ve wanted me, and I want you. I’m just a toy’s toy, but even they need some diversions. I miss you. Diana sees that, and says that I should see you, feel you, and get my fill before it turns to real longing. She may be right. Plus, if you bring your little love sick friend, we could shake her right out of her illusions.

Morgan-Hughes agrees with you that you didn’t belong in her crowd. Technically, yes, they were whores, and she has no problem with that word. But it’s so far removed from street nuisance, no one cares. I had to laugh. She said telling Jerger about the piano fulfilled her “executive secretary” functions for a month. She’s still going to school, too, and figures she has perennial student syndrome. But it keeps her interesting, intellectually, to Jerger when he’s in town. You can’t just be a hot body who knows how to move it at this level. She really isn’t paid in cash much more than I make. But a lot of it are the perks. Gets to live on the Persephone rent-free and it has a part-time crew while in dock including a galley chef. They all leave at night. Also, she’s been given a Lexus coupe and has an expense account for clothes, athletic club, general upkeep. The real work, aside from screwing him, is passing along useful information and creating interesting entertainment. Scenes.

I fit in there. Jerger likes classical music. I won’t be paid cash, but I do get to play with his toys. In return, I am to give him soiree. But he’s in the Middle East right now. So why don’t you pop by the marina tonight? You could bring Bo. I’ll bet it would shake her out of her “love images” if she saw me making wild love to you. Then we’ll spring Diana Morgan-Hughes in all of her insufferable rich bitch regalia on Bo and just see what happens.

Love and winks, Mack


Subject: ????

From: BoPeep

To: MackAttack

Date: 10/30        5:15p.m.


I am almost certain you are joking. It’s right up in line with your sense of humor. Sorry. Nothing like short notice.


p.s. What are you doing for Halloween? Open to invitations? Call me.


Subject: Watch out!

From: BoPeep

To: MackAttack

Date: 11/02        9:14p.m.

Dear Mack,

It took me a moment to remember this “job” was that you were talking about. I wasn’t sure, but thought you may have gotten hired to be the Toy’s toy. I guess I kinda spaced because you’ve talked more about Diana and her gang of rowdies on the Love Boat than you have about your so-called “job”. Oh yeah. Why do you STILL work at a retail store?

You seem to be enjoying this kink gig a lot more than I’d expect out of “oh so serious” Mack who must strive for his art? Doesn’t sound like “art” to me if you’re playing music to for a bunch of hookers boink by. Mack, what has gotten into you? Or, rather, what have you gotten into? I’m a little concerned.

When I told V about you playing the piano on the boat he got this weird look on his face and said “Tell him he’s crazy”. I told him that you knew that, but, what did he mean. He said that you should ask around and find out what happened with the last piano player who was boinking Diana. He said that it’s an unholy scene. For what it’s worth. You know my brother is prone to drama.

V says that the old man’s son, Larry, is a psychotic, raving homosexual rapist when he’s drinking and doing drugs. When he’s sober, Larry is only a raving psychotic. (Uhh, that’s V’s wording.) He said to say watch your tight little virgin ass around there. (And, V knows about that stuff. He just came out of the closet to me. Like duh! It’s been him and Quentin since junior high. What did I think they were just “good friends”.)

Mack, I didn’t realize it but V is pretty hooked into these people. He is the old man’s friend, or something. V said that no-one ever asks about Mrs. Jerger. I guess it’s bad luck. I don’t know what that means, Mack. Sounds pretty strange to me. And, you invite me to come visit? Hmmm, I think not.

But, you know my little brother. He’s a little loopy, and I know he was trying to scare me. He did say that Jerger has a very involved collection of personal porn, and everyone who is anyone has a staring role. I guess that’s the cameras you’ve talked about. I do think that he exaggerates, though, it sounds too much like a goofy movie, or something from the WiseGuy television show. Too far fetched. I mean, aren’t most rich people the same as everyone else.

But, then, with Morgan-Hughes in the picture, it does make me wonder. I know what she has always been up to. I can’t believe YOU, of all people, doing the euro-trash disco stuff. I mean, Mack, you’ve always been the one with the high morals and the ideals. I mean, you have always been such a goody-two-shoes, and so careful and critical. What happened? It’s so unlike you. Mack, try and tell me what’s going on…this is just so out of character.

It’s only 20 more days until V and I go to visit my Dad. We’re both rather ill at ease about it. But, I’m excited, too. I haven’t seen Daddy since I was, gee, since my graduation from high school. He came for that. I’d see him once in a while, otherwise, oh yeah, I saw him at the airport the last time he was flying through. He called to tell me he had a long layover because of some delayed connection. I rushed to the airport to hang out with him. But, by the time I got there, his flight was in 30 minutes so we just visited for a while at the gate. It’s really hard, you know. I hardly know him. I mean, he really hasn’t been around much since I was about five or six. V says that it will do me good to get to know him better.

I’m going to a therapist, a different one. V persuaded me to go. He says that I must have issues with bisexuality. I don’t know about that. But, it is nice to try and sort out my past and figure out why I always make such bad choices when it comes to trusting people.

Mom is pissed that we aren’t going to be here for Gil’s making of the bird. (Not like I haven’t seen her do that enough!) Evidently Gil is making an attempt at a full blown Thanksgiving dinner. (Wild turkey is what I envision.) It’s the first of November, why is it I somehow doubt that Gil will do a turkey at all? I’m sure she’ll talk about it for the next three weeks, get drunk the week she’s supposed to buy, thaw, stuff and bake it, then sober up the next week and swear it was the best Thanksgiving ever. My family is so predictable in it’s weirdness.

You know I can’t tell Mom that I’m going to see Dad or she’d shit a four-door Lexus coupe. I’ve been avoiding the issue for weeks. Oh, yeah, there is one good thing going for Gil, she moved in with Mom!

Oh, I forgot!! Did I tell you that Mom’s hubby left her? Yeah, that’s why she just decided NO BABY. You know Mom. She’ll be off to Hawaii the first week in December to a fat spa on the island of Maui. I think that’s what she said. She’ll be gone for 6 weeks. She decided that she needs to get down to “fighting weight” if she’s going to snag a new man. (I was thinking she’d just use a larger net.) You know, if I had knuckled under to the pressure it would be about NOW that I’d have the squalling thing, and I’d be stuck with it. I’m relieved she won’t be around when V and I get back from our trip

So, this therapist is a guy. He’s so cute! I get a little tongue tied when he asks me things and then looks at me with these big blue eyes. (I mean, I know you’re not supposed to fall in love with your counselor, are you?) He’s so special. He really understands me. I find myself really jazzed about going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The best part is my insurance pays for most of it! How cool is that!

Mack, I’ve been meaning to tell you something, and my therapist, Tad, thinks that I should be straight forward about it. Mack, I really love you. I never stopped. And, the reason I write you is because I think that I hope that someday you and I could get back together and try again. But, I know now is not the right time because, well, because I’m going through these bisexual feelings and stuff. And, you’re sort of becoming more of a man and less Polly Fussbudget, and all that. But, that is really what I hope for and pray for, and even wish on the evening star for.

Tad says that I need to express my feelings more and be honest.

So, there it is. I’m sure you are going to hate me for telling you that. I mean, here I’ve been saying that I was your friend, and all, but now I’m going on gushing. I’m sorry

Mack, it’s just the truth. I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me. There’s nothing to say after that, is there?

Love, Aimee

p.s. but even if the truth thing doesn’t work out, please please please, can we still be friends?


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