part 18

Subject: Happy Birthday!!!

To: MackAttack

From: BoPeep

Date: 5/22        7:10 a.m. PDT

Dear Mack,

I haven’t written to you in a while. Wanted to wish you a happy birthday, well belated. Happy Birthday! How are things with you? Older and wiser, yet? How’s the Jap? Still all tied up with her?

I GOT A JOB as a graphic artist at Lohr’s. I’m a REAL graphic artist!!! I do the newspaper ads and work with the window designer on backgrounds. I know, it’s not really the most exciting job, but it’s better than working in bars, (but doesn’t pay much more). I got the job through one of Kev’s friends, you know one of my roommates. (I told you about him, didn’t I?) They had an opening, and before they even ran it in the paper I got to meet the art director and he just hired me. I have benefits now. For the first time ever, so now I can get sick. (That’s a joke, Mack.)

My Mom is now trying to adopt a baby with her husband, and I have trouble even talking to her right now. At least she’s stopped asking me if I’ll be artificially inseminated by her husband and have their baby for them. That was getting old. Now they’re looking into adopting a girl from China. I don’t really think my Mom should be back in the baby business, but she won’t be convinced to stop this. I guess it’s the only way that she can keep hold of this husband.

I ran into your old girlfriend, Daphne…and her new boyfriend. They said they’re getting married. Seems he’s a fireman, but on disability right now because he fell off a ladder and hurt his back. She was really talkative, and even showed me her ring, and told me that she’d even invite me to the wedding. (Go figure! I don’t know how we’re so chummy all of a sudden.) She did ask me how you were. I said that the last I heard you were tied up with some Japanese girl. She said that she never hears anything about you, but to say “hello” if I ever hear from you. So, consider the hello message delivered. She did hint around that she wanted to invite you to the wedding, too, but never came outright and said anything. I had a hard time getting away from her, it was WEIRD.

I’m not dating anyone. I also just don’t feel much like it. I mean, I guess I’m going to become a “born again” virgin at this rate. Although there are some really dreamy guys at work, but I suspect most of them are gay. Seems I’m surrounded by gay people these days. Maybe I should just try that! Bo thinks so! (I did tell you about Bo? Right? She’s one of my roommates here.) She’s already told me that anytime I get really curious to come crawl into her bed. I just laugh and say “noo.nooo…I wouldn’t know what to do without a stiff one.” She keeps teasing me with “you don’t know that I don’t have one, now do you!” She’s so funny!

Wait, you don’t know that I moved into Martha’s house, right? I guess it has been a long time since we wrote. (I just looked at the calendar.) Geez, time flies when life is happening, isn’t it? I just realized. Okay, so I decided to get rid of my apartment, and move into the roommate situation. It’s actually been really good for me. I’m not home alone so much.

Well, hope all is well with you. Hope you had a happy birthday.

Love, Aimee



To: MackAttack

From BoPeep

Date: 5/25          6:11 a.m. PDT

Dear Mack,

Damn, You must really be busy to not write back!

Okay, that’s okay, I understand. Life is like that sometimes. Just write and say you’re okay, k?



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